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Kelly Williams, M.A., C.P.T., C.E.S.
Corrective Exercise Specialist 
- NASM Certified Personal Trainer 
- ICEI Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist
- Balance Training 
- Posture Correction 

I’m Kelly Williams the owner of Restorative Fitness and I'm a certified personal trainer and corrective exercise specialist. I’ve spent 12+ years helping people restore their posture, flexibility, balance, and healthy joint movement. 

I teach corrective exercise because I truly believe it changes people’s lives for the better. Watching people grow into an energized, confident, and renewed mind and body is absolutely inspiring. But, my journey into the fitness industry didn’t start with a passion for exercise. In fact, it started in graduate school when I pursuing a completely different career over a decade ago. 

The pressures of graduate school challenged me to maintain a healthy lifestyle. So I became a certified group fitness instructor in an effort to justify my time spent not studying. And I loved it!! Teaching fitness was fun and collecting group fitness certifications quickly became my favorite hobby. 

After I completed graduate school, I didn’t stop the fitness fun. I continued to teach at local colleges while I looking for work. One day after a class, a shy student approached me and shared the fact that my class had helped her combat and overcome her diabetes diagnosis. I was stunned. My “fun” job had actually improved someone’s life for the better? She had only been attending class 2x a week and that’s when I realized how exercise can truly change someones life for the better. 

So, I quit my job searching and became a certified personal trainer. Yep. That soon after graduate school I knew I wanted to change peoples life for the better and I was determined to be a champion through fitness. Fast forward 6 years, I’ve worked my way up to an associate director role for a corporate wellness company and I should’ve been living my dream. But, I wasn’t.

Most of my fitness clients weren’t reaching their goals which left them frustrated and me exhausted. All I wanted was their success, but no matter what we did, we kept hitting setbacks. I knew I was missing something so I turned back to fitness education and that’s when I found corrective exercise. This type of fitness practice helps people physically feel better (less joint and muscle pain and discomfort) which in turn helps them live a more active and fulfilling life. Teaching corrective exercise brought me back to my mission roots and I didn’t hesitate to make it my full time focus and business.

I’m here to help people move better, feel better, and live better – and I’m grateful every day for the opportunities I have to work with my clients and help them thrive. 

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